Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eight pounds and counting

Today was my first post op appointment at the Bariatric Center at CDH. I weighed in and I have lost 8 pounds. I am so excited. Walking every day has really helped. On Thursday, I start my pureed diet. Breakfast will consist of either oatmeal or a protein shake. Lunch and dinner will include one cube of protein, one or two cubes of vegatables and one of potatoes. The dietician said to concentrate on the protein(chicken, turkey, or fist) and if I am still hungry I can have veggies and potatoes. She said that I may not even be hungry for more than the protein. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

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  1. woo hoo! go claire!

    i went for a walk on sunday and thought of you... kinda like walking with you! hope you keep enjoying this season.