Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trekking along

Today has started off well. I had a good night sleep with little pain and felt rested. I went for a walk today. I went all the way around the block today. I feel a little tired but otherwise I am doing fine. I walked twice as far as I did yesterday. Yay! Thank you God for how my recovery is progressing. I have been doing well in regard to the liquid diet. Please pray that I would be able to increase my liquid intake. Besides the protein shakes at mealtime I am supposed to have 56 to 64 ounces of liquid a day (water, crystal lite, broth or popsicles). Please pray for a pain in my left shoulder. I don't know if it's pain from CO2 that may still be left in my body or if I hurt it moving from the gurney in pre-op to the operating table. The plan is to go back to work on Monday. If I get another good night's sleep and don't need to take a nap that will be a sign to me I am ready to go back to work. Thanks for all your support.

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  1. Hi Clare,
    I made it to your blog! I love what you've written so far and I think people will be really interested to hear how your journey goes. I think it will also help and encourage a lot of people.

    We love you!