Saturday, October 31, 2009

Filling up part 2

I didn't end up getting a fill at the surgeon's office. I did not loose any weight according to the surgeon's scale since the last time I was there 4 weeks ago. The surgeon said it was very common that no weight is lost going from the liquid diet to the pureed diet. Since I was still have trouble noticing when my body was full; I had thrown up some so the surgeon decided not to do a fill. If I don't throw up in the next month after moving to regular food, he will probably do a fill when I go back. I continue to stay busy as the box office coordinator at The Bird and Baby Theater's production of "You Can't Take It with You". The play closes on Saturday, November 7th. I would ask you to prayer for additional opportunities to make money. Since I have been on the liquid diet and pureed diets, I have not had to buy much food, but that is changing. Most food pantry items tend to be high in fat, calories, and sodium everything that is not good for you. Also as the weight starts coming off my clothes will get bigger and I have follow ups with the surgeon every month for six months now as well as seeing the pulomonogist and allergist so I need to have a consistent second job. I am hoping that The Bird and Baby Theater" will make enough in the future so that they can hire me. Please pray for the success of this and all their future plays and musicals.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Going to fill up

No, I am not getting gas for my car. Getting a fill is what it is called when the surgeon injects saline solution into your port which tightens the band. Now, when I go to the surgeon's office I won't always get a "fill". The surgeon will determine by my weightloss since my last appointment whether or not he will give me a "fill". Now according to my pulmonologist on Friday; I am down 14 pounds. All scales are different so we will see tomorrow how much I have lost according to his scale. Please continue to pray for me to relearn how to eat and listen to my body as to when I am full. If I don't listen to my body and continue to eat after I am full I will throw up which is not very pleasant.

Friday, October 23, 2009

More than a gallon and a half of milk

Did you know a gallon of milk weighs 8.6 pounds? Today, I went to see my lung doctor because of my sleep apnea. Every time I go, the nurse weighs me. The doctor wanted to see me 6 weeks after my lap band surgery which is next Wednesday. Can you believe it? Well when the nurse weighed me, she said I had lost 14 pounds. I was so psyched when she told me that. That's an average of 2 pounds per week. I am right on target with what my bariatric surgeon wants and I don't see him till Tuesday Morning. Maybe, I will loose another 1/2 to 1 pound by them. I am sorry it's been almost two weeks. I am not the box office coordinator for a new community theater company in Dupage County call the Bird and Baby Theater. Right now we are putting on Hart's and Moss' You Can't Take It With You. It is a play about the Sycamore Family set in 1930's New York City about living the American dream. It's very funny. That is keeping me busy in addition to working and church activities. With all this moving around plus my daily walk (I am always looking for walking buddies--hint, hint)I am sure the pounds will continue to come off. Continue to pray for me in regard to my eating habits. I will move from pureed food to regular food on Wednesday next week. I am still having trouble getting used to how much less I can eat before I throw up a little. It is getting better but I think it's an area that I still need work in. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Caring Friends

Caring friends come in all sizes. Two of my kid friends, Elise and her brother Patrick (2 1/2 and 4 1/2) asked me how I was doing after my "tummy surgery". Elise asked me if I still had my bandages on my tummy and Patrick asked me how I was feeling and said he hoped I was feeling better. How blessed I am to have even my littlest friends care so much about me. I am very thankful for them both.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am the Lord's servant

Yesterday, my church at a one day women's retreat at Loretto Convent in Wheaton. The theme of the retreat was Self Examination: Bring My Whole Self Before God. Most of the time was a silent before the Lord. It was sweet time with the Lord. On the grounds of the Convent, there was a labyrinth. A labyrinth is typically a maze (as in a garden) formed by paths separated by high hedges. This labyrinth did not have hedges but was a maze formed by mowing the lawn. As you know I have been walking almost everyday. In order to raise my heart rate up, I have been briskly walking so I started walking briskly in the labyrinth, but the Lord told me to slow down. It was more than slowing down in the moment, He was asking me to slow down in my life. Each turn I looked up and saw a statue of the Virgin Mary. I looked at Mary and asked the Lord to help me be more like Mary. It is so easy to get so busy in our lives that other things gt in the way of spending time with the Lord in our day to day life. Lord help me to make you the most important person in my life. During this walk, I also felt like the Lord telling me to wait on Him. The Lord has sent me on the journey of transformation after lap band surgery and I will see body will change over the next year as well. I also hope that I my body esteem will become more positive as I learn to eat right and take care of my body. I am so grateful for the way that the Lord has brought me through this surgery and the support I have received from family and friends. I am very excited about these changes, but I am also a little bit fearful about how I will handle these changes will effect me emotionally. Please pray that the Lord will protect my heart and give me wisdom in relating. Help me to wait patiently and give my the courage to obey what you ask of me.

"I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said." Then the angel left her. Luke 1:38

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jelly Juice Shot #2

It's been a great week. I was able to walk every day except the days that I received the Jelly Juice shots. The Physician's Assistant said that I could not walk afterward. It has been really satisfying to walk every day and work up a sweat. I put on a pedometer today and took 6500 steps. My goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day which is 5 miles. If I am able to walk after school; I am sure I am able to make my 10,000 steps. This weekend, there is a one day women's retreat at Loretto Convent in Wheaton. The sisters have a beautiful campus. It will be a great place to commune with God and walk too. Continue to pray for the shots. I have one more next Wednesday. I am hoping this treatment will make walking easier for a while. Also, pray for my diet. I have 10 more days of the pureed diet before I move to a regular diet. Thank you for all your support. I would love some more walking partners. Email me if you want to walk.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jelly Juice

Tomorrow, I will receive injections in my knees. It is called Orthovisc or the slang term "Jelly Juice". It is synthetic cartilage. I will receive a shot once a week for three weeks. The effect of this "Jelly Juice" is that it provides a coushin in the knee cap. I currently have no cartilage in the medial part of both my knees. This treatment should be really helpful and allow me to walk farther. Right now I have to rest every quarter mile before I continue on because my knees hurt so much. Right now with rests between, I can walk a mile to a mile and a half. I hope to build up to 2-3 miles a day. I would appreciate your prayers for the effectiveness of this treatment.