Saturday, October 31, 2009

Filling up part 2

I didn't end up getting a fill at the surgeon's office. I did not loose any weight according to the surgeon's scale since the last time I was there 4 weeks ago. The surgeon said it was very common that no weight is lost going from the liquid diet to the pureed diet. Since I was still have trouble noticing when my body was full; I had thrown up some so the surgeon decided not to do a fill. If I don't throw up in the next month after moving to regular food, he will probably do a fill when I go back. I continue to stay busy as the box office coordinator at The Bird and Baby Theater's production of "You Can't Take It with You". The play closes on Saturday, November 7th. I would ask you to prayer for additional opportunities to make money. Since I have been on the liquid diet and pureed diets, I have not had to buy much food, but that is changing. Most food pantry items tend to be high in fat, calories, and sodium everything that is not good for you. Also as the weight starts coming off my clothes will get bigger and I have follow ups with the surgeon every month for six months now as well as seeing the pulomonogist and allergist so I need to have a consistent second job. I am hoping that The Bird and Baby Theater" will make enough in the future so that they can hire me. Please pray for the success of this and all their future plays and musicals.

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