Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surpassing the100 Pound Mark

I sometimes can't believe I made it this far. To celebrate my 100 pound mark; I decided to have a Virtual 100 pound party. This party is not where you go to someone's house and eat food. It is a virtual party where people commit to donating food to their local food pantry. The idea was to have my friends collectively donate 100 pounds but we have surpassed that. Friends from, New York, California, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and San Paulo, Brazil have donated over 200 pounds of food. Locally, I have chosen the People's resource Center as a place I wanted people to donate. In the past few years, the People's Resource Center has helped me when I couldn't afford to buy food. They provided me with plenty to eat and at times clothes too. When I would go, one Wednesday each month; the staff there were always very kind and I always found it interesting to talk to the people waiting. There were so many people (as many as 150 or families) Many of these people are hard-working but have low income and come to the People's Resource Center for help. The need is really great now. I don't think it matter's where you live there is a need. I heard a great quote on KLOVE this week: "You can't give everything, don't give nothing, but give something." I urge you to consider donating a pound or two or food to your local food pantry. Did you know that some cans are 16 ounces and many are 12 ounces. If you donated 2 or 3 cans of food you would have between one and two pounds. One friend made a monetary donation which equals 100 pounds. She said to people at People's Resource Center and now they want to write about my story in their newsletter.

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  1. Clare, I'm just so proud of you! We will participate in the 100lbs party-- I just haven't made it there yet!