Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Meaner Leaner Clare

I am so excited to be sharing how the Lord has blessed me in my obedience to make my body a temple. I have been able to do so much more and have longer endurance to do things like walking, standing, biking, and whatever else I like to do. Two really great things were accomplished since I started working out at ATI Fitness (the generous gift of some friends at church). First of all I have been able to increase the number in my reps and the amount that I lift and the most incredible thing was discovered at my re-evaluation. At ATI every 30 days, each member can meet with a trainer to get weight, take there measurements and go over your work out. Today, I met with Catherine. She weighed me and I hadn't lost anything, but when she took my measurements. I went from 137 pounds of lean muscle mass to 148.7 pounds of lean muscle mass. That means I lost 11 pounds of fat. It is really amazing how just adding a little bit of weight lifting can make a difference. I have also gone from a size 30 a year ago to a size 18. I am so excited. If really gives me motivation to keep on going. Last week, I initiated a walking group with folks at my church at a local forest preserve. I am really encouraged; I already have 4 people who have expressed interest in walking with me. I continue to work out at the gym, but since I have my bike I try to bike outside as much as possible. I have started biking to church every Sunday or at least I have done it two weeks in a row. I also have two friends I walk with on Mondays and Fridays. My week is full of exercise. I am so greatful for God and how He has blessed me through my friends. He continues to provide for me whether it's a gym membership, walking or workout buddies, clothes, or encouragement.

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