Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year, New Hopes

As I look at this new photo; I can say a lot has changed in the last year. Besides the 155 pounds, 10 dress sizes (I can wear a size 12 in some jeans, 1 1/2 shoes sizes and more than 60 inches and 30% reduction in my BMI; I have a lot to be grateful for this past year. I made a top blessings list and put it in a Christmas Letter. I am sorry if some of you couldn't read it. So here is one of the photos and the list.
This Year’s Top Blessings
1. A wonderful new and former roommate named Lillian
2. Becoming Justin David Hartsell’s Godmother.
3. New prayer partners: Lois, Jane, and Cathy.
4. Successful weight loss of 155 pounds, nine pants sizes, 1 1/2 shoe sizes, over 60 inches lost
5. God’s financial provision and being credit card debt free
6. Play dates with some of my favorite kids.
7. Family Time with my foster family ( the Wisockis) and the Masters
8. Wonderful co-worker and prayer partners
9. Visiting the Johnsons in Ohio
10. 15 years at Church of the Resurrection
11. As of December 23, 2010, Church of the Resurrection will finally have a building after about 20 years of not having one.
12. Having the opportunity to share my story at a foster parent training at the Evanagelical Child and Family Agency in December.

Prayer Requests for 2011: Continued weight loss (I have 50 more pounds to lose)
and continued financial provision. Also I will probably have to have spinal fusion surgery this year. It's justjavascript:void(0) a matter of figuring out when.