Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime is in the Air

Winter and early spring has been hard for me. I have a desire to widen and deepen my connections. In three weeks, I will be 44. I really expected to married with a couple of kids by now. Most of my friends their 30s and 40s are married and/or have kids. They are great about including me whenever they can but something is missing. I try so much to be a contented single but I want much to be married. I am feeling discouraged because I think I put too much stock in the way my body looks. I have lost so much weight hoping that this reality with lift the main barrier that I felt I have had to finding "Mr. Right". I really am not sure what else to say except I would appreciate your prayers not to be discouraged. Also, pray that I could connect with lots of different kinds of people married, single and of all ages.

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