Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Plans

Sorry, it's been so long since I have given you an update on my weightloss and overall health. From January to May, I had plateaued on my weight but in the last couple of weeks I have lost 4 more pounds. So yeah! I am off my plateau. The school year ended well and I received a good evaluation. Sadly, with the economy a lot of aide jobs were cut including my own. I remain hopeful that I will be called back. I have applied to Chicago public schools for aide jobs in the city as well other districts. I found out over spring break that I have to have a double laminectomy and a spinal fusion on July 6th. I have a condtion called spondylothesis. It has caused a lot of pain in my back, hips, and legs over the last 14 years. The weight loss has helped but the damage was already done to my spine. The surgeon said that I was probably born with the condition and a fall on the ice 14 years ago probably agravated it. The surgery should take 6-8 hours and 1-2 hours in recovery. I will be in Rush Medical Center in Chicago for 4-6 days and then recouperate with one friend's family for two weeks in Villa Park and then 1-2 more weeks in Wheaton. I am checking out Marianjoy Rehabilitation Center in Wheaton in case I need more rehab than just outpatient care. God has provided incredibly for me this summer. Because I was laid off, the school district paid me my entire summer salary in one pay check. If this had not paid me in one lump sum I would not have been able to pay the large deposit required for the surgery and paid my summer rent in full in June. Friends at church said they come visit me in the hospital and help me in my rehab by walking with me. Please pray for my surgery and the surgeon as he operates. Pray for my recovery that it would be swift.

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